Online Solutions

As the current COVID-19 pandemic evolves by the hour, we have received many requests for ways on how church ministries can continue to connect to their congregants during this very unique time in our country.  We have put together a few recommendations that can help solve this challenge. 


Livestream Countdown

This is a 3-5 countdown video that gets your viewing audience ready for your upcoming livestream.

Livestream Opening

This is a brief opening that your pastor or spokesman does at the beginning of your livestream.

Online Worship Service 

We can help you create an entire worship experience for your online audience complete with praise and worship and the main message.

At Home Communion

This is led by the pastor to allow people at home to still partake in the communion experience.

Youth Message

We don't want to forget about our youth so we help you create a Word for them as well.

Giving Appeal and Testimony

We see a spokesman give an offing appeal giving your views an opportunity to give in to your ministry.

Word of the Day

This is a 1-5 minute video of the Pastor giving an encouraging word. Think of it as a video devotional. These can be done daily or weekly. A month's worth (4 to 30) would be filmed at a time.


We can help you maintain a high-quality look for your ministry and give your congregation the best it deserves. Let us know your needs and we will be there for you. We WILL get through this for The Blood of Jesus has already taken care of it.