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Let us answer some
of Your questions

Why Do We Need Videos?
With video, the brain retains the audio and video message more completely, it is better understood and gives a clearer communication, and if it is done correctly is entertaining in the process. 100 million Internet users watch online videos each day. Videos have the ability to reach more people faster and its message is better retained by viewers than just written ads. Your message should reflect You!

How long should our videos be?
The average video length is 2-3 minutes but you can have them longer or shorter depending on the intent of the video.

Where can our videos be seen?
Videos can be seen on Your website, YouTube, Vimeo, social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter as well as during the church service itself.

How long does a video take to complete?
The professionals at Church Visions typically complete a video in 1 week. In some cases, like weekly sermons, they are available the next day.

How much does a typical video cost?
Cost can vary depending on the type of video You desire. We offer bundle packages that are sure will meet Your needs and Your budget. Contact a Church Visions representative and we will give You all the information You need to get started.

What if I already have a video. Why do I need another one?
Church Visions goal is to enhance any and all ministry tools that You may or may not have. If you have a video or videos that You are satisfied with, we would like to introduce additional video ideas that maybe Your team may not have considered. The goal is to have visitors come repeatedly back to your website and social media pages and ultimately to Your worship service. When You give them new and engaging content, they can't help but want to come back for more.

At what part of the church service would our video play?
You control where or when the video is played. You could have a video that actually counts down to the beginning of the service. This builds anticipation for the beginning of an energetic worship service. You can play a video during the announcement segment of the service or during the offering. You can even use custom design video to enhance your weekly sermon.

Can Church Visions help us show our service over the internet as it is happening?
Yes! This is called WebCasting or Live Streaming and we can set up an appointment with a Church Visions specialist to discuss the equipment necessary and the weekly personal required to successfully broadcast live over the internet. We can even help You set up a pay-per-view portal for special ticketed church events.

Can we use video as a Salvation tool?
ABSOLUTELY! Some people are more comfortable watching or showing a video then they are speaking to someone.

We have a building fund. How can video help us raise more money?
Having a short video describing and showing the future vision of the church can be very effective to Your congregation. It gives them a visual representation of what the overall objective is and when it is presented in a professionally done video, it shows how serious and obtainable the project really is.

Our website needs upgrading. Do you do websites?

We do create and upgrade websites. We work with the best web designers and programmers to ensure a user-friendly experience while getting Your ministries brand out to the world.

Can you teach our members how to produce videos for our ministry?
YES WE CAN! We are developing the Church Visions Certification Program for ministry content producers. Click here if You are interested in signing up.